Conference Düsseldorf

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Uda Visser was invited to be part of the panel to discus the future of urban planning and how urban planning is lectured at the universities.

The two day conference was organised by TU Dortmund and Deutsches Institut für Stadtbaukunst.


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Monastery Frenswegen, discussion

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Monastery Frenswegen, discussion: ‘Urban planning in the 21th Century’

Event for architects, stagediscussion at the Monastery Frenswegen, Nordhorn (Germany)

Theme: “Cityscape Distinctive architecture in the 21st century, Sustainable urban development and architectural strategies for urbanization”

Dipl. Ing Uda Visser discussed with other dedicated architects the urban landscape defining architecture of the 21st century in Frenswegen monastery, Nordhorn
Organized and invited by Deppe, a dedicated german ceramic company,

December 2, 2014

Moderator: Dipl. Ing. Thomas Knüvener
Speakers  :
– Prof. Dr. Ing. Lutz Beckmann, Jade Hochschule, Oldenburg
– Prof. Gesche Grabenhorst, ahrens & grabenhorst, Hannover
– Prof. Christoph Mäckler, TU Dortmund
– Dipl. Ing. Uda Visser, architect, Amsterdam

Lecture ‘we love architecture’, Cologne

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A serie of entertaining  evening lectures about architecture, in terms of a declaration of love to all aspects of this broad topic.

The intimacy of the exclusive get-together of colleagues and handpicked guests itself is the cause and purpose of the evenings. The individuality of places defined in conjunction with smart statements, casual music and  drinks positions on the key themes architecture + urbanism.

is an initiative of the ‘Bundes Deutscher Architekten BDA Köln’.


 Gert Lorber, stellvertretender Vorsitzender des BDA Köln

Moderator: Bernd Kusserow, Architekt BDA, Köln

      Uda Visser

Lecture language:  German

Wednesday, 27/11/2013 19:30 | Clock | KyotoBar, c / o Schilling Architects, Gereonswall 75, 50670 Köln | An event of the BDA Cologne in the series “we love architecture” | Free admission | No registration required