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Vrijheidslaan, combining 3 single units into one apartment

We just finished the sketch design for the conglomeration of three separate units into one new continuous apartment in an old ‘Amsterdam school’ housing project, dated in the ’20s.

By the time the owner managed to buy the the floor above his origin apartment, later one student unit next to it and recently a storage space. The question was how to merge these different units together to create a continuous, comfortable and spacious apartment.

The design puts the staircase central and offers always different possibilities to experience every floor.





The beauty of living

MEESVISSER_Lamerwood_Home_03 MEESVISSER_Lamerwood_Home_04


Competition entry for a private house in the green belt of London.

‘Design a beautiful house’ is a design brief that is challenging, as much as it is subject to very personal opinion and taste. We believe that true beauty lies in creating honest architecture with a strong character and a personal soul that reflects and enhances the users identity. Timeless, robust and inviting. Good architecture simply improves the quality of life, which in itself is a concept of beauty that reaches beyond aesthetic quality.


More information on the project page: Lamerwood Home

Farmhouse Amerongen

Amerongen 01

Amerongen 02

We just finished the sketch design of a new interior for a farmhouse in Amerongen. The house was built in 1778 and is listed as a national heritage monument. It was completely renovated in the ’80s.  The current owners require an upgrade of the interior of the old barn with the need for an extra bedroom, bathroom and workspace. Above all the quality of the barn has not been optimal through the ’80s renovation. We propose to open up most of the space in order to better experience the unique character of the old wooden structure of the barn and bring in more light.

More information on the project page: Farmhouse Amerongen

Forest cabin

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We are currently working on the preliminary design for a small prefabricated forest cabin. Fitting within the dimensions of a standard mobile home, this cabin will be an alternative prototype for the mostly ugly off-the-shelf mobile homes found in forests, camp sites and trailer parks. Two sides open up with glazed sliding doors, allowing close contact to nature. Simple shutters securely close off the cabin, making it suitable for use in remote locations. The interior is compact and simple offering basics as a shower, kitchen, two double beds and generous storage space.


SketchUp_06 LR

SketchUp_04 LR