MEESVISSER is a multidisciplinary design office established by Uda Visser and Marijn Mees in Amsterdam in 2015. Fusing over 15 years of international experience in designing and building ambitious architectural projects, the office was founded on the premise that good architecture improves the quality of life.

‘Honest architecture with a strong identity’

MEESVISSER believes in creating honest architecture with a strong character and a personal soul, that reflect and enhance the user’s identity. Timeless, generous, robust and inviting. Architecture that is well connected and integrated in it’s surroundings. Architecture that connects people with their environment in order to make them feel comfortable and confident.

‘A practical mind and an artistic spirit’

MEESVISSER believes that good architecture is the result of a collaborative creative effort in which understanding of complex interests, strategic choices and practical solutions go hand in hand with optimism, imagination and ambition to create valuable and sustainable solutions for it’s clients.

‘Loved and long lasting’

MEESVISSER has extensive experience in all stages, scales and skills of the architectural process and is committed to realising ideas by integrating technical, functional and conceptual aspects into well functioning and beautiful buildings that will be loved and long lasting.

Marijn Mees

 Architect (MsC)

Amsterdam, 1974

Marijn Mees is an architect with extensive experience in ambitious and complex architectural design projects in Europe, Asia and Middle East. After studying at the Delft University of Technology he started his career at ZJA, after which he joined the newly founded SeARCH of Bjarne Mastenbroek. Interest in the potential of the upcoming economies in Asia led to a three year working period in Hong Kong in which he worked on large scale projects in the highly competitive and commercial regional markets.

After returning to Europe, Marijn re-joined SeARCH as a project-architect and later also as team leader. Incorporating the knowledge and experience of high-speed project delivery in Asia, he worked closely with Bjarne Mastenbroek and Uda Visser on a series of more subtle and intricatly designed projects, ranging from a luxury villa to large scale residential buildings and high-profile international competition entries. Next to taking responsibility for the full design process and management of external consultants, he was also responsible for contaract management, budget control, tender submissions, fee quotations and team planning.

With twelve years of experience in the architectural profession, he decided in 2015 to join forces with Uda Visser to setup a new practice: MEESVISSER in Amsterdam.

Uda Visser

Architect (Dipl. Ing.)

Bonn, 1970

Uda Visser is an architect with extensive experience in architectural design projects, as well as management and leading of an international design office. After studying at the Technical University in Darmstadt (D), she started her career in Hamburg. In 1998 she received a scholarship for a postgraduate study at the Berlage Institute in Amsterdam. This highly acclaimed institute inspired her to broaden en strengthen her skills in an international context.

After an inspiring time at the Berlage Institute she got back into the practice of architecture and started working for Mecanoo and later continued at de Architectengroep. From this office, partner Bjarne Mastenbroek started SeARCH. Uda joined the newly founded practice at its inception in 2003 as a project-architect. In 2006 she was appointed architect-director and led the office together with Bjarne Mastenbroek. Uda worked on a series of projects ranging from small scale private housing projects to large scale residential buildings, from museums to a synagogue as well as high-profile international competition entries. Next to taking responsibility for the full design process of multiple parallel projects, she was involved in the operational management of the internationally operating office, including HR and PR.

With this experience, she joined forces with Marijn Mees in 2015 to setup a new practice: MEESVISSER in Amsterdam.


Marijn Mees

architect/founding partner

Uda Visser

architect/founding partner

Teresa Avella


Jelmer van der Zweep

junior architect

Kim Wandel


Boris Popma

junior architect

Camille Allaman

junior architect

Andras Szel

junior architect

Maiken Noordhuis



MEESVISSER both works for private and institutional clients with projects ranging from private residences, to cultural projects, to medium and large scale residential and commercial developments. We aim for a diverse portfolio of work that covers the full range of design from product to interior to building and urban environment.


We believe good architecture is a result of a collaborative effort of different disciplines and expertises. We seek collaborations with other architecture offices in order to benefit from cross-fertilisation of ideas and development of knowledge or plain increase of our production capacity. Currently we work on several projects with Tom Frantzen (Frantzen et al) and  SO-IL from New York.


Our office is located in one of the buildings of the Kauwgomballenfabriek in Amsterdam Overamstel. Public parking is available for 10ct. per hour for the first three hours. By pubic transport take metro to Overamstel followed by a 5 minute walk.

Marijn Mees

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Willem Fenengastraat 2X

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Uda Visser

T: +31 (0)6 46410306

E: visser@meesvisser.com

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