FOREST RETREAT | Hellendoorn, NL 2015


What do you need in a remote location where the purpose is to be outside and enjoy nature? Not much actually. This forest retreat is not so much a house as it is a shelter with basic amenities. Two sides open up with glazed sliding doors to a generous terrace, allowing close contact to nature. The interior is compact and simple offering basics as a shower, kitchen, two double beds and generous storage space. Large shutters securely close off the cabin, making it suitable for use in remote locations. The shutters double as canopy over the terrace for shade or a dry cup of tea sheltered from the rain.

Fitting within the dimensions of a standard mobile home and easily transportable, this cabin is a prototype for an alternative to the mostly ugly off-the-shelf mobile homes found in forests, camp sites and trailer parks. Solar panels and a solar boiler on the pitched roof provide the necessary energy and hot water. A completely off-the-grid version with a water harvesting roof is in development.


Design team: Marijn Mees & Uda Visser

Year: 2015

Client: undisclosed

Size: 32 m2

Budget: undisclosed

Contractor: Emaus, Borculo


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