NorthOrleans, Amsterdam | NL 2015-2016


MEESVISER  designed the interior for a building of ‘fully equipped designer rentals’ in Amsterdam North, a project envisioning a new interpretation of the traditional New Orleans facade. This project, that consists of 120 prefabricated concrete units arranged in a U-shape around a green courtyard, offers a new concept of housing in Amsterdam: the apartment hotel. It consists of 28m2 fully finished, furnished and equipped units catering for the rapidly growing demand for “micro-dwellings” in Amsterdam.

A compact, but flexible floor plan, with custom made double bed that folds away in the sofa, offers everything you need for contemporary urban living. The industrial feel of concrete and rusty steel is counter-balanced with highly tactile and luxury finishes of various textiles, wood and marble to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Additional services include laundry, cleaning, an included custom designed bicycle. On ground floor three eateries offer basic but high quality foor and drinks (which we will also design). Living small was never so comfortable before.

For the project we also designed the brand-identity, logo and website. Starting from December 2016 the units will be available for rent.

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Interior architect: MEESVISSER

Year: 2015-2016

Client: undisclosed

Size: 120 x 30 m2

Building design: SeARCH

Photography: Sonja Velda

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